Who such Eric Dzhoysel?

Who such Eric Dzhoysel?
How many people around the world put, crumpled and rumple paper in hope to learn to create paper beauty, under the name "origami". In Europe this occupation is considered children's hobby, and in Japan him treat much more seriously. Paper folding art never caused special emotions in me, till that minute until I on one of the sites on the modern art saw tremendous works of Eric Dzhoysel.

Eric Dzhoysel was born in Paris, studied in Europe, started going in for origami still the child. Having matured, gave up this occupation and thought that will not return to it any more. But, as often happens, everything developed differently, and in twenty five years Eric Dzhoysel returned to children's hobby, and it became its main occupation. Now Eric Dzhoysel recognized master of the European school of origami.

Eric Dzhoysel works in equipment which is called "damp origami". It is much more difficult than usual folding of dry paper if slightly to pereuvlazhnit material - paper razmoknt, and will be torn, and dry will not take the conceived form. Its works are intricate bends of a leaf, many are executed from an integral piece of paper practically without uniform cut. It does not use neither an adhesive tape, nor glue, tapes, all its sculptures are a laborious and difficult handwork. For each work a certain grade of paper and its thickness is selected, the size and components of future sculpture is defined. Separate details – hands, the head, feet, various subjects are outlined. At first the clothes become, and then all is added to it necessary in order that the figure became "live" and there was a little man.

Eric Dzhoysel's works are exposed in Louvre and at the best-known auctions, the cost of one figure reaches several thousand dollars. Collectors hunt for them, and hundreds of fans of the artist try to get to him in pupils. He leads modest life far from secular entertainments and takes nobody in pupils. Not because does not want to train in skill but because considers that new he in origami did not create anything and to train in such business there is nothing – all its works it is the imagination of the master embodied in paper.