How to insert the reference to the picture in html

How to insert the reference to the picture in html

Messages in the blog or on other resource may contain not only information on a specific question, but also direct references on a source of information or other resource. In particular, the HTML editor allows to make out references to graphic files.

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The easiest way of registration of the reference, including reference to the picture, consists of the following tags: explanatory text. As the address of the page give the reference to the graphic file, for example: Can specify the name of the file or other information in the explanatory text. When viewing the ready message only it will be visible, the picture will open when pressing by the cursor.

The picture can be the reference to itself or other graphic file. For such a case insert the following tags:. The page address – the address which will open at click by a mouse; Picture URL – the address of the picture on which it is necessary to click. The explanatory text emerges at guidance of the cursor. A link at the specified registration will be opened in a new window.

However these shifts are optional if you simply want to publish the picture in the message. The main thing – to know its address in a network. Insert tags:

. The address of the picture has to look approximately so:

Additional parameters allow to regulate the sizes of the displayed picture. For this purpose use the width tags = and height =. It is optional to use both, at the indication of one of them the second parameter will change in proportion. After a tag put the desirable height or width of the picture in pixels. The result can look so: