What programs are used for creation of special effects in the photo?

What programs are used for creation of special effects in the photo?
If it is necessary to make drawing, a poster, a picture of the usual photo or to impose watermarks on the image, to correct something – special programs editors of images will help.

Photo to Color Sketch – the program for the translation of the photo in drawing. It is possible to make black-and-white or color drawing of the usual picture, to impose special effects, the program can combine some pictures in one image and pick up the background which was pleasant to you (for example – drawing or any texture).

Poster Forge – the program for creation of posters from photos and pictures. The program copes with the task on "perfectly". The quantity and subject of posters depend only on your imagination. For example - it is possible to create a poster in style of the wild West or to think up a poster to the movie – a choice very big. There is an opportunity to change the text, the size and type of a font.

Gertrudis Pro – this remarkable program does the real pictures of photos. And – the most different: drawings colored and simple pencil, felt-tip pen, water color, oil, gouache and so on. It is possible to change parameters of a pencil or brush, to combine colors, to interchange the position of them, to receive new shades of color.

Makeup Guide – the program for creation of a make-up. It is possible to put a make-up on a face at once in the photo – the program gives free rain in a choice of style and creativity. There is a built-in set of cosmetics – shadows, powder, lipstick, in it there are different options of color of eyes and many other things.