How to write down with the help nero

How to write down with the help nero

The popular Nero Burning Rom program already long time is applied to record of disks by many users. Having ample opportunities, Nero allows to write down disks of the most different formats.

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To write down a disk, using Nero, start the program, and press "The new project". Depending on what disk you want to write down – CD or as DVD - choose appropriate section. Further it is necessary to decide on the necessary option of record. Them can be much, but most often for record use the following:

DVD VIDEO – if to you need to write down a DVD disk with video, and you have a copy of the folder with DVD disk contents.

DVD ROM – if to you need to write down a DVD disk with your data (programs, folders, files). This option will also be suitable for record of any types of files for reproduction by means of the computer.

Copy DVD (copying of DVD) – if to you need to copy a DVD disk from the connected additional disk drive with a DVD disk.

CD ROM – if to you need to write down a disk with contents of any type of files for reproduction on the computer.

AUDIO CD – if to you need to write down audio a disk (lasting not more than 80 min.) for reproduction on all types CD players.


Having chosen the necessary option, press the New button (New). Before you the window divided into two parts will open. In left there will be contents of your disk (still empty), in right – contents of your computer. Choose files for record and drag them in the left window. Be convinced that the indicator of the admissible size of a disk (in the lower part of a window), did not change with green on the red. If you exceeded the greatest possible size for record on a disk, remove excess files and folders.

Now press the Record button ("Prozhig" or "Burn"). Your disk will be written down.