How to clean toning from glasses

How to clean toning from glasses

Motorists do toning of the car to give to the car elegant appearance. However toning has also a number of the useful moments. The film protects the car from heating, reduces load of the conditioner. Burning out of salon is prevented, and lack of a patch of light on a windshield reduces risk of emergence of road accident. But it has property to wear out, there are scratches, or it should be removed according to the instruction of traffic police. In these cases also there is a need of removal of a film.

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It is simple to remove a dark film independently in house conditions, it easily departs from glass. Pay attention to glue which remains after removal of a film. These glue traces can bring you serious difficulties and spend a heap of your time.


Qualitatively to remove a film, take a knife which has a thin and fine edge by means of which it is necessary to hook edges of a film, and then to pull for them. Do not tear a tonirovochny film at removal, try to tear off it an integral piece, it will facilitate further work and will reduce risk of emergence of scratches on glass.


Previously process a film the hair dryer which will soften a glue basis. Watch that the device worked not at full capacity not to burn the foil which is available on a film. Do not press the hair dryer densely to glass and watch temperature which is approximately equal to 40-45 degrees. Evenly distribute streams of warm air on all surface of glass.


If glue after all remained, remove it by means of a window scraper with an edge. Moisten glue with soap water that to it everything did not stick. And then accurately a scraper remove it from glass. Be not afraid to scratch glass, during the accurate work of it will not occur, and you receive a pure and transparent surface.