Who is called by bushbeb?

Who is called by bushbeb?
So call an amusing tiny small animal galago, in translation the name is meant by "the child in bushes". Galago are very talkative, and from their shouts seem crying of the offended child and small animals of the tiny sizes and hardly to notice them so they justify the name.

Are considered as Galago as relatives of monkeys and treat group of primacies. But and externally and on habits galago are a little similar to monkeys. The big fluffy tail is similar on squirrel, habits as at cats – perfectly climb trees, dexterously jump from a branch on a branch, well see in the dark, same flexible, mobile. This night animal, day time galago is spent in hollows or hide in dense krone, and come for searches of food at night. The food allowance depends on a look galago – there are vegetarians who eat leaves and fruit, juice, and there are types which prefer to feed on insects.
Size galago too depends on a look. Length of a trunk of the smallest galago about 15 centimeters, the largest look in sizes about a half a meter. Coloring various – from silvery with brown to oranzhevo – brown.
Little small animals show spring ability miracles. From a place they can jump in height to two meters, and fly by distance between branches in two, and even three meters for galago is possible. They can make such jumps thanks to the powerful sinewy hinder legs similar to paws of a kangaroo.