How to get out from the island

How to get out from the island

The history with Robinson repeated? You remained in private with the wild nature on the desert island? Well, it does not matter, following councils, perhaps, will help you not to vegetate on the island as much, how many legendary Robinson Crusoe.

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Do not lose mind. Having appeared on the desert island as a result of ship-wreck or emergency landing of the plane, you probably very much want to give in to a panic. In such state not only it is impossible to get out, but also it is possible to be lost, for example, for hunger, attack of wild animals. Therefore as Carlson Vasily Livanov's by voice told, tranquillity, only tranquillity.


Contact the outside world if it is possible. We live not in a century of robinzon, we have mobile phones, iPad, GPS navigators. If something from above-mentioned subjects at you is available and is in working order why not to use modern technologies, especially if the island is at not too long distance from a civilization and there works though some communication?


Estimate the opportunities. If it is not possible to contact the outside world by means of modern technologies, postpone these occupations so far and try to define, than you possess. Whether there is at you a fresh water, food, clothes, materials of which it is possible to build the dwelling and if is, in what quantities?


Make fire. First, it is heat source, secondly, on it it is possible to cook food and to boil water, and thirdly, the fire can be a signal for the vessels passing by. How to make fire, each pioneer but if you have neither matches, nor a lighter knows, use then lenses from points as magnifying glass. By the way, the fire also frightens off wild animals.


Build the dwelling. Initially, that is the first some hours, it is possible not to bother strongly and simply to place the remained belongings in a shady place, having covered all this from animals. Subsequently, when you solve a problem, at least, with water, construct something like a tent of branches and leaves of the flora surrounding you.


Find water sources. Without water, as we know, long you will not stretch therefore even if you have reserves of fresh water, it is worth finding any stream. Also can look for any edible fruits, berries, perhaps, mushrooms, depending on the district. To learn to hunt and will fish later if vegetate on the island more long, than planned initially.


Draw attention. Display bright things on the earth, write on sand the huge letters "SOS", support fire. All this has to draw attention of everything that flies by-floats, thus, you will increase probability somewhat quicker to return to a civilization.