How to be happy-1

How to be happy-1

Happiness - concept relative. Everyone puts the sense in this word, at everyone the vision of this state. For one person happy to be rather simple, and for another, on the contrary, it is almost impossible.

It is required to you

Desire to be happy;
Friendliness and skill to communicate;
Judiciousness and attentiveness.

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Only that ship comes in the necessary harbor at which the accurate course is planned. Set before yourself the purposes and seek to reach them. Try to make realistic plans which in forces to realize. Rejoice to execution let and small, but the purposes.

Smile more. The positive mood not simply gives feeling of happiness, it attracts to itself more than the positive. Try to avoid negative emotions and over time bad in life will become less.

Share pleasure with the relatives. If the person radiates pleasure, people around are loaded from him with the same positive emotions. Do not become reserved, be sociable and benevolent.

Learn to help neighbors. Derive pleasure from the help to people around.

Remember the childhood. It is not forbidden to be a few child to anybody. Children as nobody else, quickly cope with stressful situations and are able to rejoice each trifle - the sun, a wind, a rain, a smile.

Learn to be sociable. Ability to communicate with people will bring a lot of benefit, will allow not only to feel confident in the forces, but also to achieve advance on a career ladder. Cooperate with people, respect colleagues. Respect weak, do not allow offensive attacks in their party.

Good sense of humour always by the way.

Keep external calm in any, even the most improbable or awful situation. The self-control in various situations will help to achieve respect for itself, to strengthen the situation among people around. Be sure of themselves and the forces.

Be not vindictive, be able to forgive. If not to harbor in itself malice against other people, at heart it will be easier.

Dare to relax, at least sometimes. Pick up for this hobby, for example, play sports. Comprehend art of a relaxation, meditation, collect the amicable company.

11 be not korystna, be open for the world.