How to learn when the picture is taken

How to learn when the picture is taken

Often when function of inclusion of date of a picture in the image is not used various elements, such as the name of the file or information in metadata help to remember date. It is possible to look at all this, having connected the device to the computer.

It is required to you

- card reader;
- file manager.

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To learn when the picture was taken, open the folder containing this object and guide the mouse cursor at the element interesting you. In case settings of your system allow, see additional information in a popup window - usually information on the file size, date of change, creation, model of a chamber and lens and so on is written there. Date of a picture will be specified according to system date on the device which it was made. In certain cases time and date on the camera gets off, and it is simple to people to change laziness it on actual therefore they leave settings without changes. In this case date of creation of the photo cannot be learned.

If you want to learn date of creation of the photo by means of the mobile device, load the special file manager according to the installed operating system. Pay attention that it has to have function of reading metadata. After that start it in your phone, pass to a directory of files and see additional data.

Download also for your computer the file manager. Having started it, pass into the menu of the file, and below read date of creation of the photo if that information contains in this image. Usually it is lost at transfer of the file through some Internet services and when using ordinary graphic editors like Paint.

Download and install the program for viewing of images on your computer, for certain at them also there will be a function of reading of additional data. Also the easiest way to learn date of creation of the photo – to look at its names. Quite often they are appropriated to respectively a date and time of photographing. In particular it concerns the photo from mobile devices.