How to get rid of a trailing stomach

How to get rid of a trailing stomach

At many women the pot-belly is the reason of uncertainty in itself. They are ready to keep to diets, to starve and drink tablets for weight loss to become harmonous. But it is not necessary to scoff at own organism so. The systematic trainings including exercises on press muscles will help to get rid of a pot-belly.

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Get up directly, relax hands and arrange before a breast, slightly bend feet in knees. On a breath make a jump and turn hips to the right, and the case to the left. Twist will turn out in a waist. With an exhalation a jump return to initial situation. Make with a breath twist in other party. Repeat exercise not less than 20 times.


Extend hands over the head, link fingers in the lock, part feet on width of shoulders. With an exhalation bend the case to the left foot. On a breath rise. With the following exhalation fall by the right. Make on 10 – 15 inclinations in each party.


Lay down on a back, put palms under buttocks, raise feet. With an exhalation strain the lower muscles of a press and tear off a waist from a floor. On a breath lay down again on a floor. Repeat exercise of 10 - 20 times.


Put palms on a nape, bend feet in knees, a foot put about hips. With a partial exhalation raise the case a little, record situation. Make one more small exhalation – rise above. And with the third exhalation as much as possible tear off a back from a floor. On a breath completely lay down. Make 9-14 more repetitions.


Put the feet bent in knees on the right hip, the upper body thus completely lies on a back. With an exhalation raise the case over a floor. On a breath fall by a floor. Make 20 approaches. Put feet on the right hip and repeat exercise.


Raise feet up, extend hands parallel to a floor. With an exhalation raise the head and the case, straining press muscles. Record a pose for one minute. On a breath lay down and relax. Make one more approach.


Bend knees, put heels about buttocks, get hands for the head. On a breath make twist in a waist and put feet on the right hip, leaving an upper body to lie on a back. With an exhalation return feet to an initial position. With the following breath be twisted in other party. Repeat exercise not less than 15 times in each party.