How to adjust a ceiling plinth

How to adjust a ceiling plinth

The ceiling plinth is rather narrow level of a figured profile which closes itself places of a joint of a wall and a ceiling, and also is the decorating material in improvement of the room.

It is required to you

Ceiling plinth, construction adhesive, acrylic sealant, miter box.

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For exact adjustment of a ceiling plinth it is necessary to measure carefully the room with a construction roulette then, to calculate the demanded quantity of plinths. Further it is necessary to decide on order of installation of plinths.


To paste or adjust ceiling a plinth follows when the ceiling is completely prepared, i.e. otshkuren, oshpatlevan, grounded. Before adjustment of a plinth, the ceiling should be painted previously. As for walls if they at you are calculated under painting, it is better to paste a plinth just before their coloring. The same concerns also wall-paper under painting. If you have on walls usual wall-paper, two options of a sticker of a decor are provided here:
1) After wall-paper – this action will demand about you special accuracy at a bringing of plinths;
2) To wall-paper – here you should adjust each strip of wall-paper to eaves.


After you decided on wall-paper and prepared glue (fasten ceiling a plinth by means of construction adhesive), issue edges of ceiling plinths which will be fixed in external and internal corners of the room. Cut off edges of a decor at an angle 45 °, for this purpose use the special adaptation (miter box) with a hacksaw, or a ready template.


Randomly will choose a corner in the room with which you will begin a bringing of a ceiling plinth and where will return, having bypassed all room. You already cut edges of plinths at an angle 45 °. Therefore, you need only to adjust corners already in a place. Apply glue on two surfaces: adjacent to a ceiling and wall. Also apply a small amount of glue on joints.


After all of you paste, pass to an upclassing of joints. Places of joining of plinths should be processed fine-grained hard putty. After its drying, polish the processed sites. If necessary repeat these actions.


In end, using the special gun, process acrylic sealant a seam between a plinth and a ceiling, and also a plinth and a wall.