How to make ceilings equal

How to make ceilings equal

Ideally equal ceiling – the key to success of any interior. Agree, what even in very modest and small room it is pure - the white opaque and equal ceiling will look very elegantly and accurately. But how to achieve absolute smoothness of a ceiling, what materials for this purpose will be required?

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Dry way.
Today there are only two ways of alignment of ceilings: dry and crude. The first of them provides use for finishing of ceilings of plates, laths, panels and other construction material. Thus it is clear that flatness of a ceiling will be reached due to imposing on previously a little leveled surface of the available materials. At once we will note that this way is less expensive and labor-consuming.


Crude way.
Essence of this way – putting special mixes on previously prepared surface. It is expedient to address to it only in case differences of level of a stream do not exceed 5 centimeters. In case differences are small (to 0,5 centimeters), for alignment will enough use special hard putty. After it dries, it will need to be ground. In the same case if differences of height it is slightly more (2-3 centimeters), it is necessary to use also the reinforcing network. The metal network is required in the presence of differences from 3 to 5 centimeters.


If to level a ceiling in neither the dry, nor crude way you do not want, there is an alternative. So, you can choose a stretch ceiling. In that case masters will establish a design directly under your ceiling, without concerning it. It means that need will not be leveled by a ceiling.