How to make a constitution sports

How to make a constitution sports

The aspiration to have a sports figure is not alien to much. Girls frenziedly study a press or buttocks, young men for hours lift weights. But process of creation of a beautiful figure at someone takes place quickly and successfully, and at someone becomes the real headache, besides, ineffectual. First of all it is connected with that figures at all different. The differentiated approach depending on your natural constitution is necessary.

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Define, which type of a constitution you treat. Look at yourself in a mirror, pay attention to length of extremities, a ratio of length and width of a trunk, structure of muscles, a shape of a face.


If you have long extremities, narrow oblong palms and a foot, narrow shoulders and a breast, a trunk rather short, the thin and extended muscles, the minimum fatty deposits – you ektomorf.


If you have a dense constitution with the high content of subcutaneous fat, soft structure of muscles, a roundish face, a short neck, strong extremities and rather wide basin – you endomorf.


If you have big shoulders, the chest department, a trunk long, dense muscles, long extremities – you a mesomorph is well developed.


In pure form this or that type of a constitution meets seldom. As a rule, in one human body two types are combined. For example, ektomorfny and mezomorfny. Define, what type of a constitution prevails at you and start building the training program in combination with a diet.


Train very intensively with a big weight quickly to gain muscle bulk if you ektomorf. Your training has to be based on general exercises with a big weight and small number of approaches. Be not zealous with cardiotrainings, such as run, swimming or aerobics. For the active growth of muscles consume a large number of high-calorie proteinaceous food. You need construction material for muscles. Arrange long rest between trainings that muscles managed to have a rest.


Mesomorphs quickly and easily gain the muscle bulk therefore can pay from the very beginning attention carefully to study of separate groups of muscles. Watch that muscles developed in proportion. Surely include exercises on an extension and cardiotrainings. It will make your muscles more elastic and equal, and also will not allow to collect to subcutaneous fat. A diet have to be balanced and full. The quantity of calories at intensive trainings can be increased by 200-300 kilocalories from an average.


To lose excess weight – here the main task for the athlete with an endomorphic constitution. Surely daily carry out cardioexercises - run or bicycle walks lasting not less than 40 minutes are necessary at such type of a constitution. Trainings have to be high-speed with a large number of repetitions. Do not arrange long rest between them that fat was burned more intensively. Reduce the general caloric content of the diet, do not exclude any products, and simply reconsider structure of dishes.