How to serve in FSB

How to serve in FSB

Most of modern young people after army are ready to serve for the benefit of safety of the native land. Someone goes to work in law-enforcement bodies. And there are also those who sets before himself more serious purposes: to get to FSB. It is quite difficult to make it.

It is required to you

The higher or secondary professional education, vocational and physical training

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As the staff of FSB notes, in bodies of federal security service the citizen of the Russian Federation capable on the personal and business qualities, age can work, to education and a state of health to carry out the duties assigned to it ready to work in any region of Russia.


Of course, "from the street" it will be difficult to person to become the employee of FSB. It is necessary to graduate from FSB Academy, for example. There you have to be defined, in what direction it is necessary to be trained. Whether there will be this technical direction, prospecting, or legal. As soon as you decide on a field of activity, it is necessary to address to local management of FSB. If your appearance does not raise doubts among experts, it will be offered to pass medical commission, psychological testing, and also examinations. Perhaps, it is necessary to pass examinations in the Academy.


It is possible to do and without FSB Academy. The appeal to local management of Service with the statement - the first condition. Further to you will suggest to fill in the questionnaire, perhaps, with detailed the description not only the genealogical, but also personal biography and the biography of parents. If your candidate satisfies specialists of territorial authority, to you will give the chance to pass medical examination. In general, consideration of candidates happens within a month.