How to segment the file

How to segment the file

It is possible to notice that on many sites devoted to multimedia, games, movies and other big files give all the best parts – so-called "school desks" (part). It is made for convenience of loading on the server and downloadings of files on the computer. In case of connection break, the size of 200 Mb is always more convenient to dokachat the last part, than anew to download all file which volume can reach several gigabytes.

It is required to you

- Total Commander program.

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As to segment the file? Often beginners aploder ask this question. Aplodera are people who fill in material – movies, musical albums, computer games – on the site. The answer is simple – the Total Commander shareware program can execute splitting the file of any size into identical parts. This program works with all Windows versions and has Russifiers for comfortable work with the interface in Russian. Total Commander is the file manager with a huge number of technical and other tools, among which work with images and archives. It is possible to download the program free of charge on the Internet, or, it is possible to find it on a disk collection with the software.


After the program is downloaded and established, start it. You will see two workers of the Total Commander area divided by the vertical line in the center of the screen on the screen. Choose any area which represents the conductor of this or that disk, and pass on the way to the necessary folder where there is a file which is required to be broken.


Press the file necessary to you the left button of a mouse once (not two, as usual). After that in the menu from above select the Files item - "To break the file".

Before you there will be a window in which it is necessary to specify a way where parts of the broken file, and also the desirable size of everyone a school desk will remain. So, for example, the file with a capacity of 700 Mb can be broken into 7 parts on 100 Mb, and the file 4.7 Gb (DVD disk) on 5 parts: 4 parts on 1 Gb and final part of 0.7 Gb.

Press OK and wait for absolute completion of operation on dissecting of the file on part then proceed in the set folder and make sure that all parts of the file on a place.