How to prepare onions pie with processed cheeses?

How to prepare onions pie with processed cheeses?
Dough can be done precisely according to the recipe – it turns out very successful, and there is no need something to change. With a stuffing liberties are permissible – to add ham or the fried forcemeat, fried mushrooms – here a matter of taste.

That is required for preparation

Flour glass
125 grams of oil or margarine
Three tablespoons are swept away
Half of a teaspoon of soda
Salt to taste

For a stuffing

Two processed cheeses (on 100 grams)
Three bulbs
Three eggs
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper


To sift a flour, to crumble in it small slices margarine and a fork or hands to pound to a condition of a crumb. To add sour cream, soda and salt, quickly to knead dough. To roll in a sphere, to cover with food wrap and to clean for an hour per the refrigerator.

To exempt processed cheeses from packing, to put in the freezer for an hour. Meanwhile to cut onions half rings, to fry in vegetable oil till golden color. To cool. To hammer into the cooled-down egg onions, to mix. When cheese well hardens, to grate it in a stuffing, to salt, pepper and well to vent.

To roll dough by the form size, to lay in a form (it to oil and to powder with a flour), to make sides. To lay out a stuffing, to bake forty minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. At pie the beautiful ruddy crust has to be formed.