How to catch a big carp

How to catch a big carp

In spite of the fact that the carp is very cunning and careful fish, she always attracted fishers. When you see how the huge 10-15 kilogram big fish jumps out of water, shining in beams of the setting sun golden scales, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The simple observer will simply look a delighted look, and the real fisherman will start preparing a rod. But it is not so simple to catch big carp, the special self-marking tackle and knowledge of several rules is for this purpose necessary.

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Place choice.
Survey a bottom. The carp likes to be fed along border of a ground slope therefore by means of a scaffold with freight survey a reservoir. Throw freight as it is possible further and start taking up a scaffold. On the fluctuation which is transferred on a scaffold it will be clear, on what surface freight moves. It is more convenient to survey in such a way a bottom by the boat. After the ideal place for a zabros is found, put a marker (a bright float).


Make bait. For this purpose use the special dry mixes for a carp which are on sale in shop or make them independently. Porridges from different grain, compound feed, the soared grain will be suitable for bait. Still it is necessary to add fragrances to it. Bait has to be such density that from it it was possible to roll dense lumps. In an ideal at blow about a bottom they have to break up. Bait is thrown to the location of a marker and round it on 5-8 m. Use the special adaptation - "rocket" to convenience.


Preparation of tackles. The big carp can be caught by means of the self-marking (boylovy) tackle. For this purpose take a strong fishing-rod, no more than 3-3,5 m long. It has to possess rigidity for the best distant zabros. Equip it with the inertialess coil with a strong scaffold on 0,35 mm and a sinker of a streamline shape, weighing from 80 to 100 g.


Attach to a scaffold a lead, from 10 to 20 cm long with a hook. Further - the most important. To use the principle of samozasekayushy tackle, it is necessary to attach a bait (Boyle) so that the hook was free. For this purpose near a hook leave a little scaffold on which the bait (the floating or sinking boyla) will be fixed. In the first case, the bait will not lay down on a bottom, and will tower over it. It is very convenient if there is a lot of silt.


Now fish is lured, the tackle is collected, time came to throw it. Make sharp strong breakthrough a fishing-rod. The sinker has to fall in water near a marker. Wind a scaffold a little so that it stretched a little, and fix a fishing-rod. To learn about a poklevka, it is necessary to establish a signaling device. It can be the hand bell attached on a fishing-rod tip, but it is better to use an electronic signaling device which catches even the slightest fluctuations of a scaffold.


After the signaling device works, it is necessary to make sharp cutting and to start vyvazhivat a carp. This process can take a lot of time. But it is not necessary to hurry. The carp needs to be tired, differently he will simply tear a scaffold or will break, having broken a hook or having pulled out it from a hook place. At each opportunity it is necessary to tighten strong fish closer, taking up a scaffold. If the carp again makes sharp breakthrough, it is necessary to allow to a scaffold to be unwound, differently the tackle can not sustain, and it is necessary to begin everything anew.


When production is tightened to the coast, get under it podsak and pull out on the coast. It is much better if podsak already lies in water in advance, and the big carp is brought on him. In this case is less probability of that fish will be frightened and again will rush in depth of a reservoir. It is easier to do it with the assistant.