How to construct the boat for fishing

How to construct the boat for fishing

Many fans of fishing have a desire independently to make the boat. Business it not simple, but real. Production will not demand from you big expenses and will seem very fascinating occupation.

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Prepare the drawing of the boat in general and its separate parts. Make curves by the sizes of each detail. Prepare tools for work and materials.


Stick together sheets of plywood epoxy glue to receive the necessary length. Cut out details of the bottom and boards. Cut out details of tranets and stick together them in the following order: an external layer - plywood, then a fiber glass fabric layer, further an oak board, again a layer of fiber glass fabric and an inside layer - plywood.


Make necessary quantity of frames. For this purpose cut out all details, glue them and in addition fasten with screws.


Start assembling the case. Collect the bottom, put tranets and boards. At assembly of boards establish the central frame. Begin installation of boards with a boat stern, but not with nasal part. Seams fasten with the help a skrutok and clamps. Remove the central frame and put wooden laths to give the correct provision of boards. Further miss the mark junctions with solution of an epokisdka, hardener and aero force. Such gluing structure will provide the improbable durability of seams. Glue seams fiber glass fabric.


Make a marking for frames and establish them. Be very attentive not to squeeze out a boat board. Miss the mark junctions with the same glue solution.


On outer side of boards establish a mooring bar. For this purpose wooden whetstone needs to be dismissed on 3 parts by means of an electrofret saw. Drill openings for screws. Since a nose, attach the first layer of a lath on epoxy and screws. After full drying unscrew screws and, following the same principle, fix the second and third layers of a lath.


In a stern and nasal part establish 2 runduk. Fix by means of screws. Process all seams glue solution.


Zashkurite also putty all surfaces of the boat. Paste fiber glass fabric on the top part of boards, a mooring bar and runduk by means of a hardener. Accurately smooth completely to remove vials of air. Turn the boat. Proshpaklyuyte also zashkurit boards and the bottom. By the same principle paste over the bottom with fiber glass fabric.


Begin installation of redan. Make them of the same wooden whetstone of which you did a free bar. It is necessary to give to laths triangular section.
Also paint with Progruntuyte the boat. The boat is ready to descent to water.