How to make the proposal

How to make the proposal

Sooner or later the serious romantic relations between the man and the woman lead to desire to carry out both the rest of days together. The man in that case has to ask hands for the darling and if he wants to hear a sure consent instead of doubts — it is necessary to plan this serious step carefully.

It is required to you

- wedding ring;
- various auxiliary materials depending on a type of the offer.

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Well think that loves and that your potential bride does not love. It is possible to try to make the proposal not simply beautiful, but also personalized, such what was would like by your girl. Remember, what things touch it most of all. For example, if she loves cinema, shoot the small romantic movie with the offer to marry, invite her at cinema and agree with administration that instead of the beginning of a session showed your creation.

It is banal does not mean badly. Arrange a smart dinner. Not necessarily at restaurant, surely romantic. It is better not to put a ring in food or a glass, and here to make so that it was registered in the offered menu — it is possible. Let's say your darling opens the page with desserts, and there it, with diamond.

Make the proposal in the unusual way. Sing the serenade, bake a pie with an inscription "Marry me" — options much. If there are no ideas, look on the Internet — the set of unusual ways to make the proposal, for example, joint parachute jump or immersion on a seabed is described there.

Be attentive and careful during preparation. What an original way of the offer to marry you was thought up, track that your girl learned nothing in advance. It will be all the same pleasant to it, but you after all conceived a surprise better if everything goes according to the plan.

Address to specialized agencies. There to you will help to think up and carry out the plan of achievement of the answer "yes" on your offer on a wedding.