That it is possible to learn, having deciphered a black box

That it is possible to learn, having deciphered a black box

"The black box" or the protected onboard store (in abbreviated form ZBN) is a branched system of collecting and processing of a set of flight data. She is used at analysis of pilot errors and very often helps to establish a cause of the crash of aircraft. For the first time this system was created in the late fifties last century.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That It Is Possible to Learn, Having Deciphered " a Black Box "" How to build the ground of frequencies How to get rid of mercury How to receive the pilotsky certificate of ZBN is part of system of objective control of planes and other aircraft. It collects a set of data which if necessary can report how passed flight. Of course, data are ciphered and to understand them, it is necessary to carry out pretty difficult work on their deciphering.

"The black box" is made of very strong materials, in it some heat-insulation layers are located. All this is necessary that data were not lost even after strong blow, after all ZBN most of all of advantage renders in the analysis of plane crashes.

In "a black box" there is a set of information which belongs to operation of the aircraft. If to decipher data, it is possible to learn height above sea level throughout all flight, the actual height (i.e. distance between a bottom of the aircraft and tops of trees or roofs of houses), the flight speed, a course, the fuel rest. And it not everyone. Also in "a black box" there is an information concerning operation of all mechanisms. For example, it is possible to learn a lateral and horizontal overload, corners of a deviation of wheels from a neutral, angle of heel, the course traverses of management, tension of an onboard network and other. If the aircraft was wrecked, exactly data from ZBN can tell about, whether there was some failure in operation of mechanisms or accident happened because of pilot errors.

The engine, one of the most important details of any aircraft, too does not remain unaddressed ZBN. Are fixed not only the main, but even minor indicators. For example, number of turns, provision of handles of management, instant fuel consumption and other. Because of a large number of the fixed information pilots call ZBN "yabednikom", after all it does not disregard practically anything.

Negotiations of pilots too are very important therefore in "a black box" also they are fixed. Because of loud noise in a cabin there is no opportunity to write down all sounds. Only that is said in a font is fixed (earphones and a microphone). Soon development and deployment of new generation of ZBN which will record also video of everything that occurs in a cabin is planned.