How to connect the washing machine independently

How to connect the washing machine independently

You bought the washing machine machine gun. In any instruction it is written that the specialist of the service center has to establish and connect the car. But if to wait for the expert long, and you cannot wait to test purchase in operation, can connect it.

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Accurately unpack the machine. Remove it from the packing pallet. Turn off a back wall and remove fixing bolts. They are necessary in transit that the drum was not loosened. If not to remove them, at start the drum can tear and the car will become useless. Having removed bolts, put them for storage - they can be necessary still. Fasten a back wall.


The second very important stage - installation of the car. It is possible to install the washing machine only on an equal rigid surface. Regulate legs, check level. If to expose the machine roughly, it will jump up at push-up.


Fasten drain and filling hoses. Filling attach to a tee of cold water. If you do not have it, it is necessary to establish. Drain attach to the double or a tee plum. Further check reliability of connections.


Turn on the machine in the socket with grounding. To use adapters and carryings it is impossible!


Include supply of cold water on a jellied tee. Load linen, the mass of the corresponding instruction wished the program. Close a door. Install the necessary program and temperature. Press start-up.