How to treat foot mycosis

How to treat foot mycosis

Statistically, mycosis not less than a quarter of the population of the planet has. The most widespread form of mycosis is fungal defeat of foot. Aggravates a problem of treatment of an illness not only that it trudnoizlechimo, so also that many patients simply hesitate to ask for medical care. Therefore the fungus is widespread in places of public use – pools, beaches, baths, etc. There are bubbles size about a pea which gradually extend, taking everything a new surface of foot, and are itched.

It is required to you

- preparations "Lamizil", "Orungal", "Terbizil", "Termikon", "Nitrofungin", "Ekzoderil", "Klotrimazol";
- carrots, 25% acetic essence;
- glycerin, 70% acetic acid.

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At emergence of a peeling of skin, irritation pleated between toes, flaking of skin, an itch and painful swellings of skin of foot immediately address to the dermatologist for purpose of treatment. In an arsenal of antifungal therapy are widely applied not only "Lamizil" and "Orungal", but also new preparations, so-called system antimycotics - like "Terbizila", "Termikona", "Lamikana", "Binafina" and others. Also against mycosis of feet antifungal solutions – "Nitrofungin", "Ekzoderil", "Klotrimazol", 9% vinegar, 5% tincture of iodine are recommended.

Traditional medicine offers a number of very effective and inexpensive remedies of fight against foot mycosis. These are garlick preparations, lemon juice, vinegar of 70%, apple cider vinegar, propolis tincture, euphorbia juice, chistotet big, etc.

At emergence of the first symptoms of mycosis of feet prepare the following structure. Mix on a tablespoon of freshly cooked carrot juice with 25% acetic essence. Steam out feet in a basin with warm water, process pumice, having carefully removed the become horny skin particles. Then walk dry and process affected areas of skin the cotton wool which is reeled up on a wooden stick. Carry out procedure daily, every day changing socks (stockings, stockings) which surely having washed, disinfect by 15 minute boiling in 2% soap and soda solution. After drying, it is necessary to iron the hot iron.

Very effectively helps at mycosis of feet glycerin mix with 70% vinegar. For preparation of structure get a vial of glycerin of 25 ml in a drugstore, add it to ware top vinegar 70%, carefully stir. Then do all above described procedures of preparation of feet for treatment and, having wetted a piece of bandage in the prepared mix, rub in the damaged integument sites, taking also healthy sites of skin. Carry out procedures 3-4 times a week, also disinfecting also socks.