How to be the kind girl

How to be the kind girl

What is the kindness? For one is the coin thrown into the tramp's hat for another - the kind word at the heavy moment, for the third – the help to the grandmother crossing the road. Everyone puts in the concept "kindness" the sense depending on education and Wednesday in which is.
In the standard understanding the kind girl is sympathetic, sensitive, always ready to come to the rescue both to relatives, and to strangers, loving animals and the nature.

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If there was a desire to be dobra, so you reached that level of existence when the desire to live only for the sake of yourself is replaced by requirement to help, be useful and necessary, it speaks about your growing as persons, about aspiration to self-realization and perfection.

Paraphrasing a known saying, "you want to be dobra, be it!", that is follow the dictates of heart and hesitate of nobody!

You see the old woman – help to inform a bag, the kitten on the street plaintively mews – stroke, the kid in the trolleybus cries – give a candy, someone sneezed – wish good health, someone needs the help – render!


Dobra to be simple! It is not necessary to force itself, simply dare to do that prompts heart, and people will estimate it!

Will seem first that all look at you and speak: "It Vykobenivatsya! Poses as the hypocrite!". But then you will notice that people became lovelier, days solnechny, and emotions are brighter!!!

The world loves kind people and the good returns is tenfold! Dare!