How to pump up a gymnastic ball

How to pump up a gymnastic ball

Fit-bol one of popular types of fitness where occupations are based on work with a ball. It is recommended to apply a gymnastic ball to both adults, and children. And for such application it is important to prepare correctly a gymnastic ball, after all it demands a rating.

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Take the special pump for inflating of gymnastic balls which can go complete with a ball or separately be on sale. If you have no such pump, you should not be upset, inflating of a ball for trainings can be carried out the ordinary bicycle pump. In case you use the bicycle pump, it is also important to stock up and a special needle for balls.


Read the maintenance instruction and preparation of a ball for trainings. Get a gymnastic ball from packing, develop it and give the chance to lie down in expanded form at the room temperature not less than two hours. Remember, you should not decide a ball at once, having brought home as it is possible to damage it and respectively it will not be suitable for trainings. Thus, the gymnastic ball spoiled by you back to shop will not be admitted as it will be not production defect, but your fault.


Take the pump, insert a needle for inflating. Take and pump in it 85% of air. Remember, the gymnastic ball has property to stretch over time as it is made of highly elastic material.


Leave a ball in such state for 20-30 minutes. Pump up it later time to desirable hardness. However thus it is necessary to know that it is necessary to pump up a gymnastic ball depending on its maximum diameter which is specified on packing. Otherwise the ball can burst.