How to present itself the fairy tale

How to present itself the fairy tale

The fairy tale is not always expensive, far and impracticable. For different people different things can be the fairy tale, that is an event magic. Sometimes there is a wish to present himself pleasure and happiness immediately, without preparing long. Listen to yourself, can be able to carry out you a small miracle at present.

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The fastest and, rather inexpensive, the fairy tale present yourself in a good candy store. Anything terrible does not happen if you once wave away from the diet and will give to yourself wonderful party, absorbing whipped cream cakes, washing down them with fragrant and useful green tea! Carry away all these magnificent delicacies to yourself home, put the beautiful movie with the happy end and enjoy the full and absolute fairy tale, let only for a couple of hours.

Make repair in the room, look through books with magic fairy tales and choose to yourself an interior of the room of the princess. Every day when the first rays of the sun visit your bedroom, you will wake up as the heroine of this book. Of course, absolutely pink ryushechny you should not suit option, but high-quality repair and change of furniture, even partial, are capable to make mood fantastic for some time. Decorate the room and several decorative details which will be urged to remind of the fairy tale - a mirror with an unusual frame, a mystical picture, an openwork carved trunk, silk linen with fantastic flowers.

Buy, sew, or order absolutely tremendous evening dress in studio - you in this dress will attract the fairy tale to yourself. If is in what to go for the evening, will be where and with whom soon! Long ago it is noticed that the woman in a smart dress who is sure of herself and enjoys general attention, there is no one. Thus you present yourself the fairy tale, perhaps, not only for festive evening, but also for the rest of life. Only do not forget to make a hairdress and to pick up the footwear suitable a case.

For the people living in the big city it is simple to find the fairy tale, having got out of borders of the megalopolis. If holiday shortly is not expected, order the room in country boarding house for the weekend. Wander in neighboring picturesque places, take a picture of the fantastic nature of Russia. In any season and any weather there is the charm, find time and consider magic where did not expect it at all to see.

Present yourself favourite the day off without cooking, cleaning and cares of a family. If you have children and the husband, send them to parents or to friends. Devote these two days completely to yourself, have a rest as you would like long ago - a lot of movies, a mask on a face, food on a coffee table, a bathtub with petals of flowers. Yes you never know that the woman who aimed to present herself the permanent fairy tale can want!

Also do not forget about the most important fairy tale in life - love! Give romantic party which scenario is checked and approved by millions of women long ago - candles, a dinner, wine and darling. The fairy tale for adults it is real.