How to check fat content of milk

How to check fat content of milk
How to check fat content of milk

Even the least children know that milk is very useful for health. Not without reason in a children's song it is sung: "Drink children milk – will be healthy". This product contains about one hundred various nutrients. At milk there is a full-fledged protein and easily acquired fat. Besides, milk – very important source of phosphorus and calcium. Naturally, only the product of the real dairy origin, with a high fat content is useful. Can check fat content of milk everyone.

The preparation time of 40 minutes is required to you the Glass 12-15 cm high a ruler with millimetric divisions milk. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Check Fat Content of Milk" How to define fat content of cottage cheese How to increase fat content of milk How to determine milk caloric content



Naturally, exact indicators of fat content of milk can be determined only by the special devices which are available on cow farms and dairy plants.


But each person can check approximate fat content of milk, without leaving own house and using only the devices which are available in each modern kitchen.


The glass 12-15 cm high, ruler will only be necessary for determination of fat content of milk in house conditions with divisions into millimeters and, naturally, a product of check, i.e. milk.


On the prepared glass it is necessary to draw with a felt-tip pen a hyphen at the level of 10 cm from a bottom. Then in a glass it is necessary to pour milk to the specified mark.


It is necessary to leave a glass with milk on a table, at the room temperature, for 8 hours.


During this time on a surface of the milk poured in a glass cream has to emerge. Height of the layer formed of them needs to be measured by a ruler with millimetric divisions.


Now it is necessary to define percent of fat content of milk. It is not difficult to make at all. Milk layer height, i.e. 100mm, it is necessary to consider for 100%.


The number of millimeters of a layer of the cream formed on a surface of milk also is a percentage share of fat content of a product.


Naturally, it is impossible to measure the tenth shares of millimeter of cream "approximately". But to define approximate fat content by such easy way quite easily.