How to draw corals

How to draw corals

Corals – the surprising animals living in sea waters. They are confused often to plants because of an original form. They can grow colonies, forming freakish "woods" - reeves. At the image of corals on a sheet of paper you can not limit yourself in the imagination and draw own freakish reeves.

It is required to you

- sheet of paper;
- simple pencil;
- eraser;
- gouache;
- brushes of different thickness.

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Prepare materials necessary for drawing. The sheet of paper is best of all to arrange horizontally. Before work find the image of corals in the Internet. Pay attention to their form and variety of color. Try to express all this in the drawing. By means of a simple pencil start carrying out a sketch.

For a start draw part of the earth, a stone, a rock ledge on which the colony of animals will settle down. Draw a horizontal rough line or limit only a leaf corner on a diagonal. At will can draw part of the ship, for example a nose as corals can grow on anything. It is better that "house" of these animals occupied one third or the one fourth part of drawing, leave from above more space.

Start having corals on the represented skeleton. Start drawing them from distant part. In fact these animals have a form of fancifully curved, broken trees, small spheres with crinkles. Can remind cactuses or a cauliflower. Can think up the freakish form. At first specify by lines the direction of growth of "branches", then trace a body of an animal easy strokes. At desire change the direction of strokes. Accurately edit lines an eraser. Step by step draw corals, gradually coming nearer to edge of a reef.

For successful composition you can place one-two high branches of corals in the center of a colony or with edge. Those animals that will be closer to you, trace more precisely – drawing on a body, pimples, volosik and other. Then add some representatives of the sea world to the received composition. Draw tapes of seaweed (better at the edges of a reef). Plan ovals, and then designate triangles a tail and fins of sea small fishes. In the distance can plan a silhouette of a shark, octopus or the ship.

Get to work in color. Best of all for this purpose gouache will approach. Begin with a background. Do not take an undiluted pure color on a brush. Disturb blue with green and red directly on the image. Then plan the main color spots corals, seaweed, small fishes and so forth. The coral reef can dazzle with all flowers of a rainbow or to be sustained in a certain color scale. After drying begin a portrayal in the color. The closer the object is located to the viewer, the his fine details have to be traced more precisely. Work at a portrayal as a thin brush.

After drying of drawing work over the forefront, trace hairs, crinkles, shcherbinka on a body a coral, having mixed their primary color with blue, and then put white or yellow patches of light. At will can stroke a thin black felt-tip pen or the helium handle.