How to pump up bottom muscles

How to pump up bottom muscles

Harmonous female legs attract enthusiastic man's views. But men look not only at feet, but also above - at a bottom. If the girl has a beautiful and elastic bottom, means at it not only a good physical form, but also good health.

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For achievement of this purpose you should do deep knee-bends. During knee-bends you have to hold on shoulders a bar (this one of the most effective exercises among bodybuilders). Carrying out this exercise, watch that bicepses of hips adjoined to gastrocnemius muscles.


If at you at once it did not turn out to execute such exercise, you should not despair, with each knee-bend at you it will turn out better and better. You should not place widely feet, choose a position convenient to you that at knee-bends you did not feel discomfort. For a start take an empty signature stamp and start carrying out exercises. To get used to this exercise, execute 3-4 approaches.


Watch that during exercise performance your back was a straight line and was in tension. Do not bend forward. Standing with a signature stamp on keys hold a back directly, record this situation and slightly bend forward. Carrying out exercise, only one feet have to work, the trunk has to be not movably.


Further slowly, without doing sharp movements, sit down till the end and rise in a starting position. Every day it is necessary to carry out 7 sets till 12-15 of repetitions. If after exercise you feel well, can increase loading to 20 repetitions but if it is very heavy to you to carry out such exercise, you should not hurry, do on 5-7 repetitions, gradually increasing loading. The first performance of exercise has to be a lung, as warm-up.


It is also possible to be engaged on the exercise machine. The technology of the movements will not change, but on the exercise machine it is necessary to put feet so that during raising of a body you could lift a signature stamp up and slightly back.


If you want to give the form to the bottom, you should carry out attacks with a bar. This quite simple exercise, but it involves many auxiliary muscles. For very busy persons is an ideal exercise, after all it should be done once a week. If you correctly carry out such exercise, within the first month of occupations you will be hurt by muscles of buttocks.


There are some ways of performance of this exercise: with dumbbells in hands or with a signature stamp on shoulders. Performance of exercise with a signature stamp is more effective. Get up in a starting position (as when performing deep knee-bends), slowly take a step forward (without sharp movements not to injure a sheaf). The foot has to be bent at right angle, and a foot which behind, has to be bent at right angle. You have to touch almost a floor by a knee, but do not lean on it. Now return to a starting position. Repeat exercise of 10-12 times, serially changing feet.