Why there is a mold

Why there is a mold

The ubiquitous mold – strange substance from the world of mushrooms, adores organic chemistry, heat and dampness, causes diseases and saves lives, was always and will always be, and will precisely endure mankind. So why there is a mold?

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why There Is a Mould" How to remove a fungus in the apartment How to remove a mold How to treat candidiasis of a mouth Having appeared 200 million years ago, i.e. much earlier the person, a mold, it is possible to tell, won the world. She does not demand creation of special conditions and is without call, it is worth zazevatsya. The bread slice forgotten for some days in a cellophane package, the impaired a little apple, the cheese which was overlooked in the refrigerator, wood, paper, paint, even a stone, live or dead – it everywhere perfectly feels.

The mold is an elementary microscopic fungus. It does not possess ability of plants to eat, using a sunlight, oxygen of air and mineral substances and therefore provides the existence, parasitizing on organic compounds.

There is a large number of kinds of mold fungi. Some are toxic and can cause poisoning. Many products, especially flour and dairy, possess porous structure that promotes fast distribution of a fungus. For a short time the product is surprised completely. Do not try to keep the long loaf or jam which are impaired a little by a mold. It is better to throw out such product. The exception is made by only firm cheeses.

The mold negatively influences human health. Its some types promote development of bronchitis, rhinitis, the allergy passing into bronchial asthma, and even to development of cancer tumors. At the people weakened, seriously ill, undergone an operation or a course of chemotherapy, it can cause dangerous, sometimes deadly, an infection.

However some types of a mold are also successfully used long ago in production of cheese and winemaking. The secondary metabolites developed by separate types of a fungus – antibiotics – possess ability to influence live organisms that is used in pharmacology.

The mold breeds disputes which are present literally everywhere – at the earth, in water, in air and, thus, in large quantities, than and its ability rapidly to arise anywhere and everywhere speaks. Getting to favorable conditions, she starts breeding actively. Has an unpleasant smell, and it is capable to destroy everything on the way. It is necessary to refer the increased humidity of the room together with temperatures from 20 to 30 degrees to favorable conditions of emergence of a mold.

At first sight, apparently, what is simple to cope with it. But it not always so. Even having repaired with application of modern means, for example, a bathroom with black spots of a mold on walls or a ceiling, can be sure that through a floor of year you should start everything anew. To cope with a mold seriously and for a long time it is possible, having only eliminated the reasons of its emergence.