Why the dollar and euro rise in price

Why the dollar and euro rise in price

Growth of dollar and euro at the auction held by MICEX was outlined in the first of June, 2012 again. It causes concern both in ordinary Russians, and in large exchange players. To make the weighed decision on placement of free money, citizens and the financial organizations need to have idea of the reasons which conduct to rise in price of the main currencies concerning ruble.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why the Dollar and Euro Rise in Price" Why falls ruble Why the dollar grows Why the ruble falls Financial experts consider that growth of courses American and uniform European currencies is connected, first of all, with drop in prices on energy carriers. July contracts for oil of the WTI brand are at the level of $83,4 for barrel that testifies to reduction of prices more than for one and a half percent.

One of the possible reasons of a rise in price of currencies of analytics of a portal "Messages. Economy" consider also insufficient volume of the interventions which are carried out by the Central Bank of Russia. In the first of June, 2012 of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation daily sold currency more than for $200 million, and subsequently lowered this indicator a little. These measures, according to financiers, only in a certain degree are capable to stabilize an exchange rate.

It is not necessary to dismiss also outflow of the private capital from Russia. Many private investors regularly convert rubles in dollars and euro, and then transfer currency resources abroad, first of all, to Switzerland. As the head of the Central Bank of Russia S. Ignatyev reported, since the beginning of year outflow of the capital made more than $46 billion. Such situation demands additional converting of ruble assets of the state in currency. Against decrease in export proceeds from sales of oil these actions objectively increase demand for US dollar and euro, strengthening positions of foreign currency and reducing the price of ruble.

In the circumstances the main recommendation for those who does not wish to lose the savings – not to panic. Transfer of ruble means to the growing American and European currency will not allow to keep reliably them in the long term. To that, the part of means will be inevitably lost when converting in the form of commission charges. Acquisition of the municipal and state securities having steady reputation can be one of ways to protect ruble savings from depreciation. To stake on the long growth of dollar and euro in relation to ruble is not necessary. It is obvious that the Bank of Russia will not allow essential decline of ruble, using for preservation of the reached course additional currency interventions.