How quickly to get rid of hemorrhoids

How quickly to get rid of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – a widespread disease, both among women, and among men. But not each person addresses about it to hospital. Without the corresponding therapy symptoms become more expressed that can bring on the operating table. Respectively about fast recovery out of the question.

It is required to you

- rectal candles;
- the preparations diluting blood;
- medicinal herbs;
- crude potatoes;
- sea-buckthorn oil.

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Address to the proctologist if you are tormented by unpleasant feelings in back pass. If not to be engaged in treatment, gemorroidalny knots which quite often should be excised can be formed. If the illness was diagnosed at an early stage, to you will appoint drug treatment. It consists in reception of the preparations diluting blood, and also special candles. It is independently impossible to pick up means, only the doctor can make it.

Eat only soft food which contains a minimum of ballast substances. Completely refuse the use of hot dishes, and also marinated vegetables and fruit. For improvement of work of intestines drink kissels, broth of a seed of flax and natural juice.

Against the main treatment carry out also auxiliary as soon as possible to get rid of an illness. Wash out potatoes and grate together with a peel. Wrap the received gruel in a gauze and apply to an anus. If you have internal hemorrhoids, make candles of crude potatoes. Enter them before going to bed.

Take sedentary baths with broths of herbs. At bleeding the nettle helps. Make 4 tablespoons of the crushed grass in boiled water liter, insist about an hour. Filter and dilute with warm boiled water before receiving 3-4 liters of infusion. Pour out it in a wide basin and sit in it 15-20 minutes. To remove an itch and burning broth of a sage, train and St. John's Wort will help. Make them similarly.

Oil gemorroidalny knots sea-buckthorn is will help to remove an itch and an inflammation. Can use also rectal candles which part sea-buckthorn extract is. Consult before their application with the attending physician.

Do not lift weight as it can lead to loss of knots. Play sports to improve a blood-groove in veins. In most cases leads an inactive way of life, reception of alcoholic beverages and improper feeding to emergence of hemorrhoids. Whenever possible exclude impact of adverse factors on the organism.