What to do if the beard does not grow

What to do if the beard does not grow

The beard is a part of the general image of the man, a sign of his courage. There are even various hairdresses and hairstyles in order that the beard looked accurately and stylishly. What to do if it does not grow?

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What to Do if the Beard Does Not Grow" How to grow up a beard How to make a bristle more rigid How to grow a bristle Be convinced that you have no physiological predisposition to partial or total absence of vegetation on a face. For this purpose look at the close relatives: father, grandfather, uncle. If they have a bristle rather dense, your problem not in it means.

Pay attention that normal terms of the beginning of growth of a beard fluctuate of 16-35 years. If you did not step over the top threshold, besides address to relatives. Specify, at what age they had a growth of hair in the person. Perhaps, to worry still early.

Visit the endocrinologist. It is quite probable that shortage of testosterone or other hormonal deviations will be found in you. The doctor will appoint the treatment capable to cope with your problem.

Organize the diet so that the organism was sated with all necessary vitamins and
nutrients. Pay attention to such irreplaceable substances, as the Omega-3 and the Omega-6. They surely have to be present at a diet. Also surely eat low-fat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, seafood, nuts.

Try to refuse smoking and the use of hard alcoholic drinks. Strong tea or coffee too should be excluded from the diet. And here sports activities, on the contrary, will bring benefit.

Use folk remedies. Every other day grease places where by definition the man has to have a vegetation, olive or castor oil. Take 30 minutes and wash away warm water. Already through some procedures you will see result.

Try to solve a problem stimulation of blood circulation on a face. For this purpose use a face scrub. Put it once a week with quiet roundabouts. Wash warm water and smear a face with fat cream.

Do not go in cycles in the problem. If with health everything is all right, it is solved by itself, and the additional, stimulating actions described above you will accelerate process.

And still. Sometimes lack of a beard is not a problem, but a godsend. After all it relieves of daily morning shaving - procedure of which so are tired the man's time.