How to endure refusal

How to endure refusal

Refusal is most often the unpleasant vital moment. Refusal can strongly upset the person, force to lower hands, to be disappointed in itself. To endure all this quite difficult, but it is possible. And the quicker you pass this period, rather your life will return to the habitual course.

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Stop to blame yourself and to look for in itself imaginary shortcomings. Do not lower a hand. And if suddenly something went not as you wanted, the world will not fail. If refused to you, for example, employment, do not take it personally. On each workplace there is a certain competition. If you did not approach this time, to you prevents to become nothing the suitable candidate in following? If the person close to you refused, search of shortcomings of itself will not help business in any way, and will only aggravate experiences more.


Instead of castigating itself vain charges, it is better to ask at once why refused to you. Apprehend all claims with the raised head, think, whether you agree with them. Also try to correct the behavior taking into account the received explanations.


When you hear "no", be not disappointed in yourself at all. Remember any successful moments of your life, something such that forces you to be proud of itself. Self-confidence - one of success components.


If refused to you, reflect, whether precisely you need to what you aspired: whether really it is that person, this vacancy is so irreplaceable, whether your idea of this company, etc. is necessary.


Anyway approach everything as to invaluable experience. Failure is one of sources of this experience. Convince yourself that it is not necessary to expect failure, do not prepare for the worst, and hope that everything will turn out. Perceive any result as positive. Even if refused to you today, and you understood the mistakes, tomorrow to you will not be able to refuse any more.


Try to distract. Take care of the own life: register in a gym, be engaged in something, than always wanted, but it was impossible, register in any club, spend time with friends and close people, open the business. Sooner or later you will remember refusal, as the next vital stage which gave incentive to further development.