How to collect pitch

How to collect pitch

Pitch is an organic substance which is a product of a metabolism of plants, has a difficult chemical composition. The majority of pitches have a firm or semi-firm consistence, possess pronounced aromatic properties. For trees pitch is the peculiar healing factor protecting wood from cracking and drying interfering wreckers. Pitch is collected during the spring and summer period from wood and bark of coniferous breeds of trees. From it make rosin, turpentine and camphor.

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Make cone-shaped capacity for collecting pitch or take the ready. That it was possible to attach it on a tree trunk, on wide part the small top has to be provided. Or take an office adhesive tape for these purposes.


Procedure of collecting pitch is called as a podsochka and is made in the woods intended for cutting down. For production of products, for example, from a pine, wood from podsochenny trees undertakes. Otherwise the product still long time at thermal influence will emit pitch. Choose a tree with a diameter of trunk not less than thirty centimeters.


Fix a funnel in the lower part of a trunk wide part up, a cone down, at the level of your belt or is slightly higher.


When capacity for collecting pitch is fixed, above on a trunk to the middle of a vertical start doing wide cuts notches superficial, parallel each other – about twenty-thirty. They have to settle down at an angle forty five degrees from above from edge of a trunk and down to the center. Specularly put such notches on other half. The superficial lines meeting from top to bottom in a funnel have to turn out.


If such notches were already made in previous year, displace their drawing in the direction, for example, from East side of a trunk on the northern. The next year put notches already from West side, in a year – on South side. For the fifth year the tree is given rest then the five-year cycle of collecting can be repeated.


Leave to be gathered pitch for some days. Periodically visit a place of collecting for control of sufficiency of filling of capacity or the termination of release of pitch.


When pitch ceases to be emitted, unfasten the filled capacity from a trunk, and slightly cover cuts with the garden thief.