How to land garden wild strawberry

How to land garden wild strawberry

Garden wild strawberry – the most widespread country and garden plant which is called often mistakenly strawberry. However you will meet the real strawberry on garden sites quite seldom. The garden wild strawberry is unpretentious, rather winter-hardy and yields a big harvest.

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Land garden wild strawberry at the beginning of May or is closer to fall (August-September). Choose for landing cloudy or rainy days that the plant quickly acclimatized. Process the soil for landing in advance: spring prepare in the fall, and autumn - in the summer. Introduce on a site fertilizers – organic (manure) and mineral (special mixes). Then dig over the soil on a full bayonet of a shovel. Clean dry leaves from beds in the spring, loosen and hill the earth.

The garden wild strawberry suits the subacidic or neutral soil with a good reserve of nutrients. If ground waters are located close to a soil surface, establish a drainage or land wild strawberry on high beds.

Land wild strawberry not less than 30 cm, and between plants in the row – not less than 15-25 cm have to be ranks 5-7 cm of Distance high between ranks. The wild strawberry well gets accustomed on an equal surface or on the southwest slopes protected from winds. In the winter snow cover has to be not less than 20-25 cm, for additional protection cover beds fir twigs branches.

When landing watch that the heart (growth point) was at the level of a soil surface. But also do not press it into the earth, differently the plant will simply decay. Excessively raised heart very quickly will dry up.

Then straighten roots of sockets and powder them with the damp earth. Plentifully water and lay peat or sawdust on a surface of the soil.
Regularly water garden wild strawberry, especially in hot weather, but consider, excess of moisture is undesirable, it reduces gray decay and mealy dew resistance (the main enemies of garden wild strawberry).

Delete in due time moustaches of garden wild strawberry as their growth and development exhaust a plant. Cut off them accurately garden secateurs, but do not tear sharply not to damage maternal part zamlyanik. Regularly weed beds to get rid of weeds.

To reduce costs of fight against weeds and watering in hot weather, use a black polyethylene film as the mulching material. Spread it on a bed, powder from above with a thin layer of the earth, make crosswise cuts in a film and dig through in them holes that roots of plants freely were placed.