How to increase microphone loudness

How to increase microphone loudness

If you faced a problem that at a phone conversation the interlocutor badly hears you, it is possible the matter is that the microphone works not for full loudness. And how then to increase it? Let's try to understand.

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Come into the engineering menu to adjust microphone loudness parameters.
Remember that it is not necessary to touch other setting up the engineering menu (that we will give below) as it can negatively be reflected in further operation of phone.


Gather the *#3646633# code (*#856633#, *#9646633#, *#83646633# options are also possible).
Pass into the section "Audio", nazhimit "The usual mode", and then "Speech". You will see the list with various levels of loudness (from 0 to 6).


Also establish to Zadita in each level value from 188 to 192 there.
Carry out increase in value by means of buttons of the joystick or loudness.


Further press OK, "Back", once again "Back".
Update the menu, again press OK.


Restart phone and check work of a microphone.