How to organize children's birthday at home

How to organize children's birthday at home

Birthday of the child – a special holiday. Every year parents ask a question how to organize this long-awaited day, and the child waits for it, hoping that it will be magic and unforgettable. This day children's eyes burn waiting for a miracle and something unusual. Birthday is a holiday which fills the house with laughter and fun when tell the warmest, warm wishes and give gifts.

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Make the list of guests. Consult to the child whom from friends he wants to invite to the holiday. Later decide on that, how many children will come to congratulate your birthday man. Try to make and dispatch all invitations in advance.


Then allocate the room where you will hold this event in the house. Do not spend time and forces for a priborka as children will not begin to turn on this attention. Clean all valuable and fragile subjects from a foreground better. Release in the room a place for games and dances.


Surely decorate the room. Do not forget that beautifully decorated room in which will pass a celebration, will create the atmosphere of magic and will load all with joyful mood.


Hang out balloons on all room and simply spread out on a floor. Hang up an extension with congratulations. On walls hang out posters and flowers which are cut out from color paper.


The holiday table has to be very beautiful and elegant. Therefore first of all take care of its registration. A beautiful cloth, napkins with images of favourite heroes from animated films, various butterflies and umbrellas in each dish.


Do not cook a lot of food. Decorate a table with fruit, various sweets, prepare easy sandwiches and do not forget about a pie. Stock up with juice, a fruit drink or compote.


In advance prepare various competitions and make the program for carrying out birthday. Suggest guests to participate in competitions and hand to the child a memento.


At a choice of the scenario consider age and number of children. Each child has to be surely involved in games. Nobody has to miss on your holiday.


Pick up music of evening. Prepare songs from favourite animated films under which little guests with pleasure will have fun and dance.