Service consulting, when and where to address.

Service consulting, when and where to address.
The market and market technologies develop in present time so promptly, there is a huge number of new technologies, inquiries of consumers grow by leaps and bounds. In this difficult situation to firm, seeking to keep the competitiveness, it is necessary to change corporate strategy and tactics constantly. But, unfortunately, many firms do not have enough opportunities quickly and in due time to react to the changing conditions, using only the forces.
Therefore often the company should resort to services of the external consultants or firms specializing on business consultations or as they are called still – consulting firms. What is the consulting? Consulting is the whole direction in a services sector. It is impossible to allocate precisely, than the consulting companies are engaged, the profile of consultations is rather wide. And there are various companies: some of them conduct the activity only in one sphere of business, others are engaged in consulting practically in all possible directions. From it and a difference, in possible treatments of definition of consulting.
Mirsovetov will give the broadest definition of this phenomenon.
Consulting is a type of intellectual activity which main objective consists in the analysis, justification of prospects of development and use of scientific and technical and organizational and economic innovations taking into account subject domain and the client's problems.
Consulting is engaged in the help in such fields of activity of the company as economic, financial, administrative, investment, different planning, optimization of the general functioning of the company, business, marketing, etc.
It is possible to tell that consulting is the any help of the corresponding experts or the companies rendered to firm on any of activities of this firm.
The main task of consulting is efficiency increase as the companies in general, and increase of efficiency of work of each of the staff of the company separately. As we found out types of consulting the directions of consulting there can be a set earlier. But on each of the directions distinguish the following types of consulting services:
Analytics. Analysis of activity of the enterprise, production efficiency, current market situation, movement of the prices;
Forecasting. On the basis of the carried-out analysis forecasts of activity of the company for future period are built;
Consultation. The councils mentioning any parties of work of the enterprise. They can mention as soon as work of the company client, and all market in general;
Audit of activity of the enterprise client;
Direct participation in activity of the company client. Planning, organization of business management, introduction of information systems, staff recruitment, various trainings, etc. When to address to the consulting company? Now as a fashionable tendency began to consider that the appeal to consulting firm is necessary to bring the enterprise out of crisis. Such type of consulting is called crisis. In this case experts will consider a situation with your firm and will prompt the direction for an exit from problem situation. But there is a question how some person from outside can help if it is almost unfamiliar with the company.
The matter is that the specialist in consulting has opportunity objectively to assess a situation, from the different parties, after all it does not depend on the head of the company as the subordinate, and does not take a certain place in hierarchy of employees. And most likely, the consultant possesses practical experience in this sphere that gives it certain advantage: knows specifics of problems and possesses skills of their effective decision. Therefore one more case when it is worth addressing to experts is inexperience of the head, but existence of desire to increase growth of the company, to raise profits i.t.d. In this case the head, ordering consulting services, buys experience, necessary for development of the company.
One more case when Mirsovetov recommends to address in consulting company, it when your organization endures prompt growth, but cannot build all control system independently up to the end.
Also there is so-called "A syndrome of administrative fatigue". When the owners of the company who are at the same time and her heads, want to shift burden of company management to others shoulders, but thus to remain her owners. The reasons of leaving can be different (simple fatigue, desire to have a rest, or transition to some other sphere of business), but the unwillingness to leave the old debugged business compels to ask for the help in the consulting company. As choose the good consultant of Experts there can to be a set but how to distinguish the one who really costs that money which pay it. It is necessary to notice that consulting services cost rather much. Though in most cases it is justified, nevertheless, each head wants to know, whether really his expenses come true?
It is necessary to distinguish the specialist in consulting with the business coach. Usually the business coach tells about world experience, teaches you to how it is necessary that has to turn out as a result. Consulting the expert has to lead you to necessary result, help and give to you a practical advice.
Than consulting the company is more skilled, less it does to those itself. Usually qualitative experts only correct the strategy developed by your employees. Giving the enterprise for control of third-party experts, it is necessary to find out, whether they were engaged in it earlier, whether you will be able to trust them. If consultants start being engaged in the company planning, management, saying to that nobody knows better except them though you ordered only advisory services – that it is worth reflecting on qualification of these experts.
Usually good experts in the field of consulting bear responsibility for the consultations and offers, but the activity result equally depends both on the consultant, and on the performer, after all quality of work depends not only on idea, but also on its competent execution.
So, as advises to choose the consultant Mirsovetov. At a choice it is necessary to consider the following characteristics of the consulting company.
Brand. Are often limited to one of this factor. But the known name will not always be expressed in the corresponding equivalent of level of the rendered services. It is necessary to pay attention to other factors also.
Age. The more long consultants work in this sphere, the more they have experience. It is natural that it is better to choose the company with an experience. It will give you more confidence that services will be qualitative.
Previous customers. Of course, it is necessary to consider also this factor. Who previous customers and result of work with them were.
Service. Terms of works, services i.t.d. It is a factor to you it is necessary to estimate subjectively, on the taste.
Quotations. Here everything depends on your opportunities. If you accept the cost of works – take, does not arrange – look for other expert.
Staff of experts. Let's consider this factor in more detail. There are 3 categories consulting the companies, by this criterion: the large companies with the big staff of consultants; the medium-sized companies having regular experts, and also big base of non-staff (freelancers); the small companies or the companies providing consulting as additional service. Are generally completely focused on freelancers. Demand for consulting of service grows in the sphere of small or medium business, but services of the large companies will be hardly available to them because of a high price. Addressing to smaller consulting company, such option often turns out that she looks for to you the suitable freelancer. Thus it is necessary to agree with consulting firm, to conduct negotiations, to spend time. The company after that will be engaged in search of the expert suitable for you at the frilansersky exchange. It is necessary to pay in the future both work of the freelancer, and intermediary services. Whether so it will be simpler to address to the non-staff expert directly? Sometimes this option is more favorable and cheaper.
The choice of the freelancer goes also by above-mentioned criteria. But everything depends on your requirements and the sizes of your firm.
Mirsovetov wishes you good luck in a choice of the good personnel and the successful, prospering business! types of consulting, consulting companies, consulting, service consulting, the business