How to tame a hedgehog?

How to tame a hedgehog?
Hedgehogs, despite of the "wild" origin, are actually capable to become manual. And they rather well understand the owner. You started this amusing prickly creation? Here some recommendations how to tame a hedgehog.
By many it is noticed that females of hedgehogs are much more appeasable than males. They get used to human hands quicker. Over time they can accustom to be eaten from a palm and even - to respond on a nickname and to execute simple commands. So, the hedgehog for few months is capable to acquire that "is possible", and that - it "is impossible".
To tame a hedgehog, there are some ways.
- the animal has to get used to the owner's smell. Many owners of prickly pets place to it in a cage the things, for example, recently worn old t-shirt.
- that the hedgehog got used to the owner quicker, on communication with it it is necessary to give not less than half an hour in day. And it is desirable to talk to it - hedgehogs well understand intonations of a voice, both tender, and dissatisfied. The more you will find for time to the pet, the process of a domestication will go quicker.
- surely praise a hedgehog for good behavior, supporting approving tone with a delicacy. (Try not to give to an animal sweet).