How to defreeze the refrigerator

How to defreeze the refrigerator

If in the freezer of your refrigerator thick ice "fur coat" accrued, so defrosting time came. In principle, it is possible to manage, of course, and without this labor-intensive process – after all by and large the layer of "hoarfrost" does not influence operation of the unit (though reduces its cooling abilities a little). But if the volume of the freezer was already cut by half, and the cover ceased to be closed – after all it is time to start!

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First of all switch-off the refrigerator and open wide open a deep freeze door. And immediately exempt the refrigerator from the products which collected in it. Deep freeze contents for the period of a defrosting can be placed in the special thermoisolating packages (they can often be seen in supermarkets in department of the frozen products), or it is simple to wrap up in some layers of polyethylene or newspapers. Put everything frozen and perishable in a basin and clean in the coldest place the house.


Put a basin in which water will flow down on the top shelf of the refrigerator. On the lower shelves put rags (best of all – cotton, they perfectly absorb water). Water should be poured out of a basin periodically, and rags – systematically to change and squeeze out.


You should not break away an ice crust a knife or other sharp subjects: you can incidentally damage refrigerator evaporators. If there is a wish to accelerate process of a defrosting (which some hours can borrow) – it is possible to place in the freezer a pan or a bowl with hot water, having put it on a support for hot (direct contact of the ice evaporator more hotly than a pan should be avoided). Instead of a pan it is possible to use a rubber hot-water bottle with hot water.


After the freezer completely thawed, it should be wiped dry and to leave a little "to be aired". At this time we listen from the refrigerator all internal shelves and boxes, properly we wash and we wipe them. Walls and doors of the refrigerator also we wash with warmish water to which it is possible to add a little soda is will help to get rid of smells.


Now the refrigerator can be turned on in a network – and to return products on the lawful place. In one couple of hours the refrigerator will stop "gathering cold" and will pass to work in the usual, "regular" mode.