How to check a compass

How to check a compass

Despite abundance and availability of modern navigation devices, an old kind compass will go out of use not soon. And it is clear. It is cheap, easy to use and depends on external conditions a little. But even the most reliable compass needs to be checked periodically, in particular if you gather in distant travel.

It is required to you

- compass;
- small iron subject.

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There are three essentially different types of a compass: magnetic, electronic and gyrocompass. The first interacts with a magnetic field of the earth, the second — with satellites, and the third is oriented to the geographical North Pole. Tourists and oriyentirovshchik use different modifications of a magnetic compass more often. When checking it is necessary to find out, whether the arrow degaussed. At various magnetic compasses it is designated differently. The arrow directed on the North can be painted in blue color, is marked with a point, comes to an end with an edge. For its fixing there is a special rychazhok. It is under an arrow and serves in order that it was possible to press an arrow to glass.

Put a compass on a horizontal surface. If the arrow was recorded, release a rychazhok. It is not obligatory to focus it in the North-South direction in this case. Simply let's an arrow stop and notice division on a limb.

Bring an iron subject to a compass, then move away him. It is necessary to do it very quickly, and the subject should not be big. The nail is ideally suited. Do not touch a compass, let the arrow will a little rock and again will stand. Pay attention to division. If the arrow reaches initial position — everything is all right, the compass works as it is necessary. If it deviated, it is better to replace the device.