How to collect a fireplace

How to collect a fireplace

Almost at all people the fireplace in the house is associated with heat, a cosiness and the comfortable house atmosphere. The burning fireplace will create the necessary mood in the house in the cold winter evenings, and also will warm you and your guests. Simply to collect a fireplace – if you own construction skill, for you it is possible to collect and establish a fireplace in the private house.

It is required to you

- hacksaw;
- shaped blocks of a socle;
- glue;
- ceramics;
- rubber hammer.

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For competent installation of a fireplace previously clear away space of a floor on which it will be established, from any floor coverings. The floor can be stone or ceramic. Mark fireplace contours on the basis of a floor and lay closely to each other bench details.


Then take a hacksaw for a tree and cut through small cut in the forward block of a socle in order that air came to a fireplace. After that lay shaped blocks of a socle on a floor, having moistened them with water and strengthen them by means of glue.


Now prepare ceramic fragments of future sitting of a bench and paste them, lining by means of a rubber hammer. Mount in future fireplace an insert for a chimney, equal to an opening of this pipe in the diameter and depth, and then be engaged in installation of the heating cartridge. For an attachment of an insert of a pipe use heat-resistant solution and do not forget to smooth out an insert outside and from within.


Apply glue with the twisting line on heat-insulating plates and press them to walls of future fireplace. After that install the heating cartridge on a bench and level it on height, and then establish it on special crossing points.


By means of special solution strengthen between the heating cartridge and walls elements with tiled facing. Fix a crossing point solution on lateral support, and also apply on all internal surfaces of a fireplace solution from chamotte.


Lay on a crossing point eaves from a ceramic tile or a tile, and then remove excess solution. When the apron of a fireplace is ready, mount a frame of a ventilating grate. Zashtukaturte fabric with use of the reinforcing material, and then cover a fireplace outside with a decorative ceramic tile.