How to pass to other tariff plan into MTS

How to pass to other tariff plan into MTS

The MTS company is included into the three of operators of federal value. Nearly an every year it surprises subscribers with emergence of new tariffs. For transition to more convenient tariff it is necessary to execute some special commands.

It is required to you

The mobile phone, the computer with Internet connection.

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You can replace a tariff by means of the USSD request. Make the *111*2*5# team on phone and press the call button. On the display of phone the menu with transfer of tariff plans on which transition, and also their numbers is possible will be highlighted. Further press the answer button or OK depending on model of your phone. Enter number of a tariff to which want to pass, press the transition confirmation button - "to send" or OK. Wait for the SMS about change of a tariff.

Knowing special number of a tariff which is pleasant to you, send the message with a code on number 111. It is possible to receive information on this number on the official site of the MTS company. For a tariff "Super zero" it will be 721, for a tariff "Cool" - 15.

Dial number 0890 from the phone, wait for the answer of the operator, explain to him, to what tariff you want to pass. On request of the operator, call the code word or passport data that he made sure that the sim card is registered on you. The tariff will be replaced within a day. The call from phone which is in a network of MTS is carried out free of charge. Can call according to number 8-800-333-0890.

Use the service "Internet assistant". For this purpose receive the password. Enter the *111*25# team on phone, further press "call". Visit the website of MTS. Find the reference "Internet assistant" there, enter the got password and phone number. Following helps of system, replace a tariff.

Within 30 days after activation of a sim card you can pass to other tariff free of charge, but further, upon repeated transition or the expirations of month, it will be necessary to pay for each transition. The cost of transition to a tariff plan can be learned on the site of MTS.

Also you can use services of consultants in cellular shops or specialized offices. They will consult you concerning new tariffs and will help with transition.