Why it is necessary to laminate hair?

Why it is necessary to laminate hair?
To have a beautiful and thick hair dream of each girl. We try to watch hair, without feeling sorry for neither forces, nor means. But nevertheless, something somehow is not enough. Recently for improvement of a condition of hair there is quite interesting procedure which is offered in salons — this lamination.

No, of course, lamination of hair absolutely not probably on lamination of documents known to us and securities. But in something similarity, it seems, is — it in safety.

Now salons suggest to make by means of lamination hair brilliant, they will not break and split. Thanks to such procedure the good shape of hair will be supported outside and inside.
Procedure is not difficult, on hair apply for 25 minutes a special mask, and then simply wash away it. Houses, of course, too can be made such procedure, but such effect as in salon it will be difficult to achieve as before putting such mask, the expert carries out diagnostics of hair, then clears them and feeds, and already only after all these procedures puts a mask.

Contraindications for carrying out such procedure in principle are not present. On the contrary, hair by means of this mask will become stronger as medical and nutritious components are its part. Hair get a poslushnost and smoothness, become much more elastic, the film enveloping hair does not allow them to split.

Lamination approaches also in that case when there is a wish that hair after coloring longer remained with new color. Such procedure will allow hair to keep freshness of paints. The film which envelops hair, is capable to pass air thanks to what there is an enrichment by oxygen.

And it is possible to paint by means of lamination hair in various colors, it will be already called as color lamination of hair, that is ionic coloring.

It is possible to laminate hair time in three weeks. At lamination there is an increase in diameter of a hair approximately for 10%.
Along with lamination it is necessary to use still balms, masks, conditioners. The only thing that it is necessary to refrain from cosmetics with deep cleaning.