How to steam meatballs

How to steam meatballs
How to steam meatballs

The dishes steamed turn out juicy, keep an initial form, natural color and a smell. The most part of vitamins and microcells is not lost in the course of preparation. Therefore steam boiling is considered the most useful way of preparation. The small children and people keeping to a diet can eat steam meat dishes even. Try meat teftelk on couple – one of options of a nourishing and at the same time easy lunch.

The preparation time of 29 minutes is required to you 500 g of veal; 1/5 glasses of white rice; 1 crude egg; 100 g of white loaf; 1 glass of milk; 1 onion; 100 g of firm cheese; 1 tablespoon of olive oil; 100 g of green onions; 100 g of fennel; 200 g are swept away; salt; ground black pepper; 2 garlic gloves. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Steam Meatballs" How to bake pork in an oven a big piece How to prepare grilled pork How to prepare rice in a double boiler


Cut low-fat veal on small pieces and crush in the meat grinder. That meatballs turned out more gentle, pass forcemeat two-three times. It is possible to use meat of chicken or a turkey instead of veal. Soak a piece of white loaf without crust in milk within 2-3 minutes. Very small cut onions, grate cheese, slightly wring out bread and add everything to mincemeat. Salt, pepper, add one crude egg and carefully mix.

Pour in a water pan. When water begins to boil, add salt on a tip of a knife and fill up rice. Cook rice to semi-readiness, try not to digest it. After rice is ready, let's it cool down and add to forcemeat then properly mix. Create round teftelk of the size of small egg.

Pour the necessary amount of water in a double boiler, oil double boiler lattices vegetable and accurately lay out teftelk. Try that they did not concern each other. Put the double boiler timer for 35-40 minutes.

Use an ordinary pan and a metal sieve if there is no double boiler. Put a pan with water on fire, put the sieve suitable by the size on pan boards. Watch that the bottom of a sieve did not concern water. Accurately lay out meatballs on a sieve and cover. After boiling of water cook meatballs of 30-35 minutes.

Prepare sauce while meatballs prepare. Small cut green onions and fennel. Crush garlic and add it to greens. Add low-fat sour cream, a spoon of olive oil, salt, at will add a little black ground pepper. Carefully mix everything and lay out in a sousnitsa.

Give sauce to meatballs separately. On a garnish mashed potatoes or macaroni well will approach. If the double boiler consists of several circles, it is possible to steam along with meatballs vegetables, for example, a cauliflower or asparagus haricot.