That was earlier - egg or chicken

That was earlier - egg or chicken

What appeared earlier – chicken or egg? This difficult question long since excites scientists, thinkers and the simple inhabitant. The riddle seems unsoluble, after all chicken appears from the egg laid by a bird who also had to appear from egg. To break off this vicious circle, it is necessary to remember the paradoxes and logical mistakes existing in logic which accompany conclusions.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That Was Earlier — Egg or Chicken" How to change the scenario For what are necessary psychological tests How to write the text reasoning the First Ancient Greek thinkers spoke on chicken and egg. For example, Aristotle claimed that anything from listed was not primary, and appeared at the same time. Analogy – simultaneous emergence of two parties in the rapped-out coin.

According to modern scientific data, egg appeared before chicken as the yaytsekladka arose before appearance of any bird. In such a way dinosaurs and arkheopteriksa bred, for example. If it is about egg, in this case the concepts "egg" and "chicken" have indistinct volume and from the point of view of logic it is impossible to draw a certain and correct conclusion in this case.

The expert-philosopher, the scientist-geneticist and the owner of poultry farm took part in one of the last public discussions of this subject. Participants of discussion tried to prove the reasons both with scientific, and from the practical point of view.

The expert in evolutionary genetics John Brukfild from university of Nottingham considers that in the course of life of any animal genetic material remains invariable. Therefore the first bird who in prehistoric times turned into modern chicken existed in the form of the embryo which was in egg before. The live organism hidden in a shell, the scientist considers, has the same DNA, as future bird who hatched from egg. From this Brukfild draws a conclusion that from a position of theory of evolution egg was the first nevertheless.

Some other participants of discussion agreed with arguments of the geneticist. Professor of philosophy from the London university college David Papino explained the position with simpler words: the very first chicken hatched from egg therefore it appeared before chicken.

And here other scientists who thoroughly studied formation of an egg shell consider that chicken appeared the first. Experts from university of the British city of Sheffield by means of the powerful computer simulated process of emergence of egg at the genetic level. It became clear that the major role in formations of a shell is played by substance ovoklodenin or OC-17. Without this protein developed only by an organism of a bird, egg will not be able to be born. In other words, to receive the first egg, chicken in which ovaries it is developed ovoklodenin was necessary.

It is obvious that the question of chicken and egg more rhetorical and is often used that in a figurative form to point to unsolvability of this or that task.