How soup with chicken and mushrooms is cooked?

How soup with chicken and mushrooms is cooked?
Classical combination: chicken white meat and mushrooms. Such soup turns out successful if to use white mushrooms or hothouse champignons.

That will be required for preparation: a couple of the chicken legs cooled potatoes kilogram floor, the water filtered a celery a back floor, carrot, onion, vegetable oil, fennel and a saucer of fresh mushrooms.

How to prepare: meat needs to be washed out, boiled water to obdat and then to cook from legs chicken broth. By all means it is necessary to add a laurel leaf, pepper peas, salt. Carrot needs to be cleaned, straws to cut, to clean onions and straws to crush, mushrooms to wash out and cut segments.

Further it is possible to go in two ways: the first - we fry mushrooms and we add them to broth, - at once we put the second in soup. We fry carrot and onions, ready we send to broth, there the kartoshechka which is small cut already has to cook. To readiness we cook everything, small straws we cut a celery it is added and we add the greens cut already right at the end.

The pleasant!