As buses in Yaroslavl go

As buses in Yaroslavl go

In Yaroslavl it is well developed and successfully the public transport works. A main type of transport in the city is the bus. In total in Yaroslavl 87 bus routes of public and commercial transport are developed. Passengers are transported by more than 400 buses of big and average capacity and more than 500 buses of small capacity.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "As Buses in Yaroslavl Go" As go buses to Nizhny Novgorod How to find people, knowing only their names As buses in Nizhny Novgorod All information on routes, arrival departure time, intervals of the movement go it is possible to learn on board which are placed at all stops of public transport in Yaroslavl. At some stops in addition LED boards are established. Management of information on them is made on the channel of the cellular GSM network from the central server of the automated system in the Dispatching center. As a result passengers can learn information on the movement period, on final stops of vehicles, time before arrival of the vehicle, and also to learn the current date and time, to see other office information.

In salons of some buses the system is placed, intended for the speech and visual notification of passengers about a movement route, the name of the following stop, for additional reports on loudspeakers. There is also a LED board like "running line" placed in salon of the vehicle.

In the Yaroslavl city bus fleet there are some buses of the LIAZ brand with a low floor and the leaning-back ramp developed taking into account needs of disabled people. In them there is a system of navigation therefore the dispatcher of vehicle fleet has opportunity to provide information on time of approach of the bus to this or that stop.

In some buses of city public transport video cameras are established. One of chambers fixes all events in salon, and another - on the following course. By means of them the route is watched by the staff of the Yaroslavl control center of dresses that allows them to react to incidents quickly.

For trips in city transport of Yaroslavl inhabitants get electronic travel cards. The single trip can be paid at the conductor of the bus. Two types of control tickets are used: simple and preferential. The categories of citizens having the right for driving through preferential cost have to show the relevant document at payment. At trips in commercial transport of a travel privilege are invalid.