How to understand the man's relation

How to understand the man's relation

It is sometimes very difficult to understand how it really concerns you? What is behind his interest – simple politeness or something bigger? You with it it is valid only friends or he counts on the romantic relations? It is easy for some men to communicate with women, others are constraining and timid. Nevertheless if attentively to look narrowly, you will be able to see strong indications of its true attitude towards you.

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Whether really he listens to you? Whether he mentions in conversation what you spoke to it earlier? Whether remembers some small details of your stories about you, your family, your work? If yes, that is an excellent sign!


Pay attention, whether he distracts on something foreign when spends time with you? Whether willingly responds to phone calls, conversations with friends, flirtation with nice waitresses? If it is concentrated on you more, than on calls by working questions, you very much are pleasant to it.


Listen, whether he speaks "we" instead of "I" or on the contrary. If he speaks to a thicket "we", so he, thus, tries to find out your reaction that you – couple. If he speaks "I", even so far as concerns your joint actions, there is a sense to look for someone more interested in you.


Whether it avoids to be engaged with you in uninteresting or traditionally women stuff? If he is ready to spend some hours in shop while you try on dresses, it definitely is outright in love with you.


Whether he acquainted you with the friends? Men usually do not enter into the company of girls if plan with them only a little flirtation or a short petty intrigue. If he brings you into the company, so he wants that you became part of his life.


If he remembers not only date of your birth, but also day when you got acquainted, and invites you this day in some especially place, do not doubt – he loves you. For men to remember any official dates most often, for the inexplicable reasons, extremely difficult.


Pay attention as often he calls you or sends SMS. If it is in love, he will seek to talk to you, as often as possible. If it has no time for talk or he does not like to stir by phone at all, he will write you at least short messages to show that he thinks of you.


Wonder – whether he appreciates your opinion? Whether consults on you on some questions? Whether to share some experiences? If he listens to you and is not afraid to address for council, so he you really respects you and trusts you.


Whether he makes efforts to be with you? Whether changes because of you the schedule? Whether is ready to refuse the habitual schedule of things to be arranged under you? If daily training is more important than romantic walk for it with you, it is a bad omen.


Whether he shows feelings on public? If it is gentle and careful with you at close friends, everything means at you "seriously".