How to punch wines by car

How to punch wines by car

Buying the second-hand car, it is best of all to check its VIN code on which it is possible to learn all information on the car: from a date of issue, to detailed information on its repair in the service centers. Not all information can be received free of charge, but a specification can be learned for only a few seconds.

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It is possible to find a large number of online services which suggest "to punch" the car on a VIN code in the Internet. For check of the car from North America, it is possible to address both on the English-speaking sites www and www, and on the Russian-speaking analogs using original databases for check:,, etc. To receive information on the car made in other parts of the world use the sites, http://www and others.


As a rule, it is free of charge possible to check the car for stealing and to receive the following information: brand and model, year and country of release, type of a body and engine. Having paid the small sum (from 90 rubles), it is possible to receive information on a complete set, run, participation in road accident and to receive other important data. Besides, it is necessary to consider that detailed and exhaustive information is available not to all models of a car.


It is possible to check the car on VIN and by means of the SMS. The service suggests to receive all information on the car, having sent the SMS with the code word. Full information on service and its cost can be received on the site